Give the Dragon a Chance!

Samstag, 04 Juli 2015 von

After struggling a year with content optimizations for my graphics cards, I decided to meet the Oculus Rift DK2 requirements, so I grabbed a GTX 970. Now there is still optimization, but I can use more of the great engine features of the Unreal Engine 4. I will not optimize the Demos for lower graphics

CAD models

Samstag, 20 Dezember 2014 von

You can now download some of my 3D CAD models as .stl for use with a 3D printer.

Deep Shangri-La for DK2

Dienstag, 18 November 2014 von

I tried to reach low Latency, try it for yourself, if you press ‚l‘ for low quality and you still have some stutter, you should grab a new graphics card, or it’s a bug, who cares 😉 Link :: Download

UE4 Building 32 Bit Debug – for Tilde

Sonntag, 26 Oktober 2014 von

A few days ago I had a problem getting a Demo Project to run on a Notebook with 32 Bit. If you are subscriber to UE4 you can download the release builds of the Engine. Then you can package your project as a Debug Version with 64 Bit or as a Release Version with 32

OCULUS Rift DK2 arrived :-)

Samstag, 16 August 2014 von

After unpacking the new DK like a child in front of the Xmas Tree, I installed the Rift like it was described in the manual. The installation process in Windows 7 went nice and smooth, and I was impressed by the higher resolution and the great motion tracking with the IR sensor, while visiting the

OCULUS Rift Development Kit 2 announced

Samstag, 22 März 2014 von

On Wednesday, Oculus VR announced the new Development Kit with lots of improvements. The new Development Kit will be shipped beginning with July. I’m excited to try the Rift with its new display. Also the latency should be decreased, so that people don’t get „sick“ throw the motion blur.  Hopefully after the test-phase the OCULUS Rift

New Oculus Mini-Game :: Alien Abduction

Dienstag, 14 Januar 2014 von

I made my first mini-game called „Alien Abduction“, to improve my modelling, animation, Unity 3D and C# skills. Of course I still have to learn a lot, making a game isn’t that easy and needs some time. I gave myself 1 week for creating the game.   Gameplay: Choose your gender and prepare for the

During the last few months I built a 3D printer, because I wanted something, which is more complex than a Lego® Technic, and I could also use it afterwards for creating my own plastic parts. Lightwave 3D now also included an export for the .stl files to use with a 3D printer. As I am

Silence in the Alps is a mountain view I created from data I captured on my last vacation in the mountains. After being on a long business trip to Shanghai – in the middle of the crowd, lots of noise – I thought the first thing I will do, when I come home, will be

First OCULUS Rift Demo available!

Montag, 16 September 2013 von

Deep Shangri-La is a demo which shows a ceremonial hall of a monastery deep in the Himalayan Mountains. Hopefully I can expand the scene during the next months. You can download the Deep Shangri-La Demo here.   Deep Shangri-La ist eine Demo die eine Zeremonienhalle in einem abgelegenen Kloster tief in den Bergen des Himalaja