think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

the world is not more than a dream

the past is the origin of your reality

you are responsible for your souls development

humankind is connected through an energy-network

Who is Richard Reinisch?

Development in all areas of life

For many years I travelled around the world as an engineer for commissioning installations in different areas.
One thing I’ve learned from the journey was the fact that you find the same people in different countries.
A taxi driver in Shanghai has the same dreams, wishes and issues like one in New York or in Vienna, the bodies may look different, but the brain works the same way, even the life experience can match.

These years, where I learned to program machines, made me think of my own life, and so I came across the awareness, that the human can program machines, but he cannot program his own reality. So I began a journey to find an answer for the question, why humanity is not able to program the life.


International experience as engineer and software developer for the logistics, automotive, aviation and finance industry


Projects in my spare time improved my skills in writing, design, animation and craftsmanship


Countless courses and seminars paired with innumerable hours of meditation improved my awareness in different areas of life

Using Computer Technology

Uplifting Experiences

There are some major moments working with computers which ignited passion.

project image

on Commodore 64

project image

by Cryo

project image

using POV-Ray

project image

with Lightwave 3D

project image

using SIEMENS Step 7

project image

using UDK, Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4


Work Experience

International experience as an engineer and software developer for the logistics-, automotive, aviation and finance industry.
Know-How in the areas of Marketing, Design, 3D, Animation, Virtual Reality, Networks, Security

history image


Finance Sector

history image


Aviation Industry

history image


Automotive Industry

history image


Multimedia Agency

history image


Logistics Industry

history image


Military Services



New York Paris Brüssel Shanghai London Zürich Rom München Neapel Orlando Neu-Delhi Nashville Vancouver New Jersey Washington New Orleans Birmingham Seattle Atlanta Chicago Denver Malta Southampton Antalya Rangun Taipeh Bali Changchun Tanger Gibraltar Malaga Madrid Salamanca Le Mans Orleans Bourges Antwerpen Luxemburg Düsseldorf Frankfurt Saarbrücken Stuttgart Straßburg Ulm Mailand Bologna Florenz Ancona Catania Thessaloniki Teneriffa Gran Canaria

Spare-Time Projects

Bringing Ideas to Life