think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration
the world is not more than a dream
the past is the origin of your reality
you are responsible for your souls development
humankind is connected through an energy-network

Richard Reinisch - Engineer, Developer, Designer

About Richard Reinisch

Richard Reinisch is a versatile international engineer and software developer with expertise in logistics, automotive, aviation, and finance. Proficient in C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, and more, Richard has a solid background in developing applications. His engineering skills span 3D printing, laser cutting, and various hardware setups.

Richard's career highlights include 3D design, real-time monitoring, and contributions to flight simulators. An artist and author, he's created 3D animated music videos, Unreal Engine plugins, TV commercials, and authored books. His innovative approaches extend to technology interfaces and the implementation of the latest RTK technology for his Mini-Jeep.

Beyond work, Richard engages in 3D art, writing, AI, 3D printing, and meditation. His sports interests cover tennis, golf, soccer, and bodybuilding. A global traveler, he's explored cities in Europe, Asia, and North America.

In summary, Richard Reinisch is a dynamic professional blending technical expertise, creativity, and a passion for innovation.

written by AI

Richard Reinisch, Engineer and Developer

As an engineer responsible for commissioning installations in various parts of the world, I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively. One of the most profound lessons I have learned from my experiences is that, regardless of cultural background, people share common aspirations and concerns. Whether it's a taxi driver in Shanghai, New York, or Vienna, they all have dreams, wishes, and problems. Although physical appearances may vary, the workings of the human brain and life experiences can be remarkably similar.

During my years spent programming machines, I often found myself reflecting on my own life. It dawned on me that while humans can program machines, we cannot program our own realities. This realization led me on a journey to seek answers to the fundamental question of why humanity is unable to program our lives.


International experience as engineer and software developer for the logistics, automotive, aviation and finance industry


Projects in my spare time improved my skills in writing, design, animation and craftsmanship


Countless courses and seminars paired with innumerable hours of meditation improved my awareness in different areas of life

Experience Cloud...

C++ Java Python JavaScript jQuery Node.js Perl Pascal Basic C C# Boost Sigar Poco HTML CSS SCSS AngularJS React Photoshop Paint Shop Pro Illustrator InDesign Audition Audacity Premiere After Effects Linux Windows Mac Centos Ubuntu XServer Autopilot GNSS GPS Apps Microcontroller Internet Security Anonymous Browsing Lightwave 3D UE4 UDK Blender Poser Vue (3D) Flex Flash Hardware Server Setup Network Hydraulics Pneumatics Electrics Electronics Router Photorealism CNC 3D Printer 3D Laser 3D Milling VR Oculus DMX Audio Sound Music LJ DJ Video Filming Cutting Servos Robotics S7 S5 KOP FUP AWL SCL IntelliJ Emacs Atom Code Rendering Modelling Art Writing Books Essential Oils Spirituality Meditation Marketing Meta Google Money Traveling Training Support Touchscreens GitLab GitHub Browser Jenkins Server Avionics Interfaces Android WebGL Printing Simulator Visual System Design Testing AI Neural Networks Image Processing NPM 3D Projectors Visualizations Realtime 3D Inventing Solution Finding Soft Skills Intuition WLAN Commercials Games RS232 RS422 RS485 Ethernet CAN Profibus Profinet Interbus AFDX WinCC Camera DVD Blu-Ray CD Analysis Assembly Maintenance Ansible Monitoring GUI PHP MySQL PostgreSQL Hibernate SendGrid Email Templates API REST JSON GSON PDFBox PDF Acrobat Servlet WebSocket CSV XSLX Bootstrap Material Dashboard WinCC Drag Drop Logging Fileserver Datatables Calculation Algorithm Caching Migration Import Export Docker Virtual Machines Virtualization Services Tasks Multi Threading UserCentrics Banner ZIP Upload Download Optimization WebP Tomcat XAMPP Stats Wiki Calibration Physics Advertising Web-Page Web-Portal Domains Wordpress Contao Joomla Blog Static Dreamweaver Plugins Tools Painting Drawing Bow and Arrow Soccer Tennis Body Building

Uplifting Experiences

Using Computer Technology

There are some major moments working with computers which ignited passion.

Project Image Octane Renderer
Realistic Renderings using

Octane Renderer

Project Image Bunny C64

on Commodore 64

Project Image QBasic
Sound, Graphics, Animation

using QBasic

Project Image CRYO Lost Eden
Lost Eden

by Cryo

Project Image POV-Ray
Coding 3D

using POV-Ray

Project Image Lightwave 3D
First Contact

with Lightwave 3D

Project Image SIEMENS STEP 7
Bringing Machines to Life

using SIEMENS Step 7

Project Image UDK
3D Worlds

using UDK, Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4

If you try to make such projects, unseen by others, as perfect as any human could, you'll develop skills that other professionals don't have
Steve Wozniak

Work Experience


International experience as an engineer and software developer for the logistics-, automotive, aviation and finance industry.
Know-How in the areas of Marketing, Design, 3D, Animation, Virtual Reality, Networks, Security



Mio. Lines
of Code written



Mio. Minutes




Meaning of Life (Excerpt, random Order)

* 3D Design and creation of Concrete Art
* Application for Communication Tests and Control (ReactJS, C++)
* Analysis, Improvement of CAN-Bus-Applications
* App for ICAO phonetic alphabet Training (Java, Android)
* Monitoring and Control System for Flight-Simulators (C++, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, PHP, SQL)
* Application for Realtime-Monitoring of Robot OSR (Java, Siemens S7)
* Game for Christmas (Adobe Flash)
* Various Artwork in the Area of Digital Art and 3D
* Extension and Improvement of Microcontroller-Programs (C, I2C, CAN)
* 3D Animated Music Video (Lightwave 3D, UE4)
* Unreal Engine Plugin to simulate Sun-Position at any Time, any Location on Earth (C#, UE4)
* Application for managing Videos, Playlists, Advertising (Flex)
* Maintenance and Extension of Jenkins Pipelines, DevOps (Jenkins, GitLab)
* Commissioning of Robots worldwide (Logistics, Automotive; S7, S5, AWL, SCL, FUP, KOP, Bus-Systems, CAN, Interbus, Profibus, Profinet, ASI)
* Setup and Test of Level D Flight Simulators
* App for Musical Instrument Training using LEDs, MIDI Files (C++, Java, Android, Bluetooth, NodeMCU)
* Multiple Books (Writing, Content, Artwork, Layout, Publishing)
* Merge of three existing Databases with correlation, JSON Export, Import, Files (Java, SQL)
* Application for Performance Test and Tuning of Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 (UE4, Unity3D)
* Various Filming, Fotos, Cutting, Audio, DVD Export or as Web-Content (Adobe Suite)
* Application to create S7 Blocks (and Program) with In- and Outputs from Excel Document (Visual Basic, Excel)
* S7 Program for an Engine-Docking-System incl. State-of-the-Art Visualization, Documentation (SCL, AWL, WinCC)
* Application for 3D Visualization and Simulation, incl. Physics in Connection to Siemens S7 (C#, Unity3D)
* Setup of Networks (Installation, Router, LAN, WLAN, Switch)
* Setup of various Websites including Shop-Systems and Social-Media (Wordpress, Contao, Joomla, HTML, PHP, CSS)
* 3D Configurator App for Seminar Rooms (iOS, Lightwave 3D, Photoshop, Camera)
* TV-Commercial animated Baby, Modeling, Animation, Rendering (Lightwave 3D)
* SendGrid Interface and Email Templates for Mass-Mailing (Java, HTML, CSS)
* S7 Program for Shipping-Area including Barcode Reading (SCL)
* Browser App to encode Website Content, hidden for other Viewers (Java, Android)
* Application to simulate the Hardware of an Autopilot
* Browser 3D App, Wordpress Plugin to load and visualize 3D Content (Java, PHP, WebGL)
* Application for simulated Flight-Instrument Testing (C++, QT)
* Ansible Scripts for Server Setup, Server Cluster (Centos)
* Interface Application for Full-Constellation GPS Simulator (C++)
* App to decode hidden Messages using Camera (Java, Android)
* Hardware and Software for DIY PLC including Display and Web-Interface (C++, HTML, CSS, NodeMCU)
* Virtualization of various Systems (Docker, VirtualBox, VMware)
* Installation, Setup and Maintenance of Sound- and Light-Systems
* International 2nd and 3rd Level Support
* Countless Trainings for Technicians worldwide
* Helped to improve unreliable Robots for Logistics Industry (OSR) (SCL, KOP)
* Helped to improve unreliable Engine Performance Test Systems (SCL, AWL, KOP, WinCC)
* Helped to improve unreliable Flight-Simulators (C++, C, Python, JavaScript, SQL)
* Helped to improve an unreliable Crowdfunding-Platform (Java, JSP, JS, SCSS, SQL, Angular)
History Image Finance


Finance Sector

History Image Aviation


Aviation Industry

History Image Automotive


Automotive Industry

History Image Multimedia


Multimedia Agency

History Image Logistics


Logistics Industry

History Image Military Services


Military Services

International Experience


New York Paris Brussels Shanghai London Zurich Rome Munich Naples Orlando New-Delhi Nashville Vancouver New Jersey Washington New Orleans Birmingham Seattle Atlanta Chicago Denver Malta Southampton Antalya Rangun Taipeh Bali Changchun Tanger Gibraltar Malaga Madrid Salamanca Le Mans Orleans Bourges Antwerpen Dusseldorf Frankfurt Saarbruecken Stuttgart Strasbourg Elm Milan Bologna Florence Ancona Catania Thessaloniki Tenerife Gran Canary Colorado Louisiana Texas Mississippi USA India Myanmar China Greece Luxembourg France Great Britain Italy Germany Morocco Indonesia Abu Dhabi Slovenia Croatia Canada Slovakia Hungary Netherlands United Arab Emirates Spain

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