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Mai 25 '13

3D for your home-cinema / 3D für dein Heimkino

This year I got a PS3 for birthday from my family – I was very surprised 🙂 – and there was also the new “Tomb Raider” – game included, which I desired not only because of the company SQUARE, now Square Enix, which had to do with the movie “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within”, which […]

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Mai 24 '13

Welcome / Willkommen

Welcome to my blog. If I have the time, I will try to post some information regarding 3D. Howdy, Richard 🙂   Willkommen in meinem Blog. Wenn ich die Zeit dazu finde, werde ich hier Infos zum Thema 3D eintragen. Liebe Grüße, Richard

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