Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sep 21 '13

OCULUS Rift Demo :: Silence in the Alps (AUSTRIA)

Silence in the Alps is a mountain view I created from data I captured on my last vacation in the mountains. After being on a long business trip to Shanghai – in the middle of the crowd, lots of noise – I thought the first thing I will do, when I come home, will be […]

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Sep 16 '13

First OCULUS Rift Demo available!

Deep Shangri-La is a demo which shows a ceremonial hall of a monastery deep in the Himalayan Mountains. Hopefully I can expand the scene during the next months. You can download the Deep Shangri-La Demo here.   Deep Shangri-La ist eine Demo die eine Zeremonienhalle in einem abgelegenen Kloster tief in den Bergen des Himalaja […]

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Sep 15 '13

OCULUS Rift – arrived

To get the first impressions of OCULUS Rift, I tried some of the demos which are already available for the HMD. I would recommend the RiftCoaster (made with UDK), Ocean Rift, Titans of Space, and of course the Tuscany demo. Most of the demos are made with Unity 3D – Unity 3D offers for OCULUS […]

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