Monthly Archives: Januar 2014

Jan 14 '14

New Oculus Mini-Game :: Alien Abduction

I made my first mini-game called “Alien Abduction”, to improve my modelling, animation, Unity 3D and C# skills. Of course I still have to learn a lot, making a game isn’t that easy and needs some time. I gave myself 1 week for creating the game.   Gameplay: Choose your gender and prepare for the […]

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Jan 7 '14

Creating things out of nothing with Prusa i3 :: 3D printer

During the last few months I built a 3D printer, because I wanted something, which is more complex than a Lego® Technic, and I could also use it afterwards for creating my own plastic parts. Lightwave 3D now also included an export for the .stl files to use with a 3D printer. As I am […]

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