UE4 Building 32 Bit Debug – for Tilde

Okt 26 '14

UE4 Building 32 Bit Debug – for Tilde

A few days ago I had a problem getting a Demo Project to run on a Notebook with 32 Bit.

If you are subscriber to UE4 you can download the release builds of the Engine. Then you can package your project as a Debug Version with 64 Bit or as a Release Version with 32 Bit.

I’m owner of a notebook where I installed a 32 Bit Windows 8 – I don’t know the reason anymore – and ran into the problem, that I couldn’t build a 32 Bit Debug Version of my project.

The Project is set up with a lot of effects and post-processing and just for a short demonstration, I wanted to disable them on the notebook – for performance reasons – also the resolution should be decreased -> Avoiding the creation of a new, optimized UE4 Project just for the notebook was a target, as well as having the flexibility for testing.

It was hard to find the solution, but there is one:

  • You have to build UE4 from source (I subscribed for Visual Studio Express 2013, cloned the source from UE4 on GitHub and Checked out a Release Version)
  • The next step was to build the 64 Bit Editor (“Development Editor – Win64”)
  • After that you have to build for example “Development – Win32” (not an Editor Version), that creates the necessary files for your 32 Bit Development Packaging.
  • Now you can start your 64 Bit Editor (Engine/Binaries/Win64) and
  • Finally you can Package your Project as Development Build for 32 Bit -> the Tilde key should work and you can Debug your 32 Bit Version!




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