Give the Dragon a Chance!

Jul 4 '15

Give the Dragon a Chance!

After struggling a year with content optimizations for my graphics cards, I decided to meet the Oculus Rift DK2 requirements, so I grabbed a GTX 970. Now there is still optimization, but I can use more of the great engine features of the Unreal Engine 4.

I will not optimize the Demos for lower graphics cards anymore because from my point of view, this makes no sense.

Juddering, jiddering, smearing, being motion sick, to upchuck doesn’t make fun, while being in a virtual reality and of course it needs a lot of power to generate a virtual reality that seems to be real. I think in the near feature it will be easier to meet the high requirements of a good HMD so that we all have the possibility to have some good time in the VR.

The GTX 970 is a lot more power full than my past graphics card, the latency decreased excessively.

Hopefully I can create a small Demo in the near future to play with the new possibilities 🙂

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