Jan 7 '14

Creating things out of nothing with Prusa i3 :: 3D printer

During the last few months I built a 3D printer, because I wanted something, which is more complex than a Lego® Technic, and I could also use it afterwards for creating my own plastic parts. Lightwave 3D now also included an export for the .stl files to use with a 3D printer. As I am […]

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Sep 21 '13

OCULUS Rift Demo :: Silence in the Alps (AUSTRIA)

Silence in the Alps is a mountain view I created from data I captured on my last vacation in the mountains. After being on a long business trip to Shanghai – in the middle of the crowd, lots of noise – I thought the first thing I will do, when I come home, will be […]

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Sep 16 '13

First OCULUS Rift Demo available!

Deep Shangri-La is a demo which shows a ceremonial hall of a monastery deep in the Himalayan Mountains. Hopefully I can expand the scene during the next months. You can download the Deep Shangri-La Demo here.   Deep Shangri-La ist eine Demo die eine Zeremonienhalle in einem abgelegenen Kloster tief in den Bergen des Himalaja […]

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Sep 15 '13

OCULUS Rift – arrived

To get the first impressions of OCULUS Rift, I tried some of the demos which are already available for the HMD. I would recommend the RiftCoaster (made with UDK), Ocean Rift, Titans of Space, and of course the Tuscany demo. Most of the demos are made with Unity 3D – Unity 3D offers for OCULUS […]

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Aug 3 '13

Motion-Tracking with Lightwave 3D and Kinect

Newtek with Lightwave 3D now offers a plugin “NevronMotion” which makes it possible to use the Microsoft Kinect Device not only for recording motion data.   Newtek hat nun ein Plugin “NevronMotion” für Lightwave 3D veröffentlicht, welches Motion-Tracking mit Microsoft Kinect ermöglicht.

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Jun 15 '13

Oculus Rift 1080p

HMD gets a second push with the resolution 960×1080 per eye of the new Oculus Rift HMD. The new screen will increase the impression through the higher resolution.   Das Oculus Rift HMD wurde für die E3 mit einem 1080p Screen ausgestattet, welches eine weitere Steigerung des virtuellen Erlebnisses durch eine höhere Auflösung ermöglicht.

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Jun 3 '13

HMD gets a PUSH

HMDs get a push in the right direction. Thanks to the team of “Oculus Rift”, which help to bring HMDs to our homes. There are manifold applications which could benefit from this technologie. In the past years the HMDs (head mounted display – used for virtual reality) where too expensive, the motion tracking was mostly […]

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Jun 1 '13

Flash 3D rocks the Web

Even if there are other solutions for 3D content in the web, Adobe® Flash® Player is nowadays the best solution. It reaches more than 1 billion connected desktops. All other solutions may come, but that will probably last many years. Look at the Demo from the Unreal Engine: epic citadel. They already included an export function […]

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Mai 25 '13

3D for your home-cinema / 3D für dein Heimkino

This year I got a PS3 for birthday from my family – I was very surprised 🙂 – and there was also the new “Tomb Raider” – game included, which I desired not only because of the company SQUARE, now Square Enix, which had to do with the movie “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within”, which […]

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Mai 24 '13

Welcome / Willkommen

Welcome to my blog. If I have the time, I will try to post some information regarding 3D. Howdy, Richard 🙂   Willkommen in meinem Blog. Wenn ich die Zeit dazu finde, werde ich hier Infos zum Thema 3D eintragen. Liebe Grüße, Richard

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